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This page is about the Social Reforms undertaken by Narayan Naik Accross Goa including the Kul Mundkar Farm Law, Co-Operative Societies, Continous Involvement in the Panchayats and the Government for the betterment of the people across Goa

Goa Shetkari Parishad.jpg

Goa Shetkari Parishad

Farm Law Reforms

Narayan Hari Naik was the Founder - President of Goa Shetkari Parishad. He was responsible for forming the same and getting together all stakeholders of the Farming Industry. You can watch the Video of Narayan H Naik describing the Shetkari Parishad meeting at Azad Maidan attended by around 30,000 people in Aug 1962 in the Video Series Section.


LG's Consultative Council

Land Reforms before the First Government

From September 1962 till the Elected Government was formed a Consultative Council was formed by the Lt. Governor of Goa, Daman & Diu M. R. Sachdev of Which Narayan Naik was one of the Main Member among 28 others.

Taleigao Panchayat.png

Village Panchayat of Taleigao,Goa

Panchayati Raj

Narayan Naik was Elected as the first Sarpanch of the Village Panchayat of Taleigao, Goa in August 1962. During his tenure primary schools were setup and electricity was brought to many places which were in dark, he also took initiatives of building Roads for better connectivity. He served the Panchayat as Sarpanch of Taleigao for 10 Years.

Goa Co Op First Elected Chairman.JPG

Co-Operative Movement Across Goa

Co Operative Societies Reforms

Narayan Naik with his colleagues started Co-Operative Revolution by opening societies across Goa specially in Hinterlands. Narayan Naik was also appointed as the Second Chairman of Goa State Co-Operative Bank from 28 November 1963 to 16 May 1969.

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